Commonly Requested Xamarin Services

At Venado, we are helping companies learn more about the advantages of using Xamarin to build cross-platform mobile applications.
Whether you need just the basics to train an experienced team or a group to help build out a project,
we can help! 

While all of our offerings are tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers,
here are some of the most common requests. 
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  1. Basic Training
    Initial training to get your team up and running. Best practices, common issues and basic training.
  2. Advanced Enablement
    Advanced education to get your team into the weeds. Addressing specific requirements associated with design, architecture and legacy code reuse.
  3. Special Ops
    Mentoring and development assistance focused on your specific project or application.
  4. Team-Work
    Development resources available to provide longer term assistance on applications and full time staff augmentation to help you reach your goals.
If you're looking to outsource your entire project, give us a call.
We'll assemble a team, working at one of our offices, to complete the project and deliver the solution to you.