We believe in contributing to the success of our partners in every way possible. 
We also believe that our partners are critical to our success and value the relationships we've built.
To help you understand our business,
we've outlined the Ideal Customer Profile and
information regarding some of the projects we've done in the past.
Who We Work With...
We typically work with Executives who are responsible for Applications, Application Development or Information Technology. The prospect we help most is someone responsible for making application development strategy decisions and setting direction for the organization regarding mobile technical projects. They have mobile app developers working for them and/or they own the relationship with external development teams (outsource vendors).
We work with larger companies in the range of the Fortune 1000 (typically thousands of employees) because they tend to have multiple projects going on at the same time. These organizations are more likely to seek support from external partners to supplement their skill and resource requirements.
Why They Need Us...
They have a desire or initiative to move their technology forwardTheir organization is actively creating mobile applications with two or more mobile projects in the IT pipeline.  They're interested in implementing best practices and solutions that allow them to reduce the time, resources and cost to develop applications.  They just need some help. 
Some of our customers outsource to us while other customers bring us in to augment, train or mentor their staff.
What We've Done in the Past...
Venado's leadership team has over 75 years of combined mobile solution experience
We've led projects such as...
  • Deploying the largest consumer-device, in-flight solution for the largest global airlines in the world
  • Built a 50 person training team to quickly ramp up a DSD solution for one of America's largest beverage companies
  • Developed an iPad based content management tool utilized by the largest cellular carrier in the U.S.
  • Implemented a cross-platform application development strategy for 12,000 field service technicians