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Since this is likely your first time here, we'd like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about
Venado Technologies
and the things we do for our customers. 
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In a nutshell, We help CIOs, CTOs and App Dev Managers “GSD” (get stuff done).
The fastest growing segment of our service offerings include:
Xamarin Developers: Assistance with mobile application development. In our office or yours. Fixed fee or hourly.
Xamarin Special Ops: Xamarin mentoring and development assistance focused on your specific project or application.
Xamarin Test Cloud Admin: Configuration, training and administration of a testing tool that allows you to test your apps against thousands of physical devices.
The most common challenge our customers face…IT departments are being burdened with more work as business units find new ways to leverage mobile. The demand for applications increases but the time and human resources (IT budgets) are limited.
DISCLAIMER: While we do have some pretty cool people on our team, 
none of these people actually work for us.
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