The executives at Venado are like therapist for the CIO.
We hear your concerns and we help you find solutions to the problems.
If you feel like you need a CIO therapist, please, read on. 

During the summer of 2017, we talked to a lot of CIOs. 

One of the questions we asked was, “what are currently your biggest challenges as a CIO?” The top two answers were “keeping the lights on” and “preventing a major security breach.” Guess how many people said _____ (insert technical marketing speak about digital transformation here). Just about zero.

In the meantime, the CEO, business leaders and that ambitions young intern keep talking about the shiny new technical objects they read about in the latest issue of The Wall Street Journal or a blog. Sometimes you have to respectfully explain the problems with the shiny new object and other times you don’t even have time for that.
Take a look at the image on the right. Yeah, we know the iceberg is cliché and overused, but hang with us for a minute.
The business and the rest of the world only see what’s above the water. You and your team know about all (or at least most of) the stuff under the water. That’s where Venado comes in. We help our customers deal with everything that goes into digital solutions, including everything under the waterline.
We don’t preach about the wave of “digital transformation” coming your way. We know you’ve been dealing with digital transformation throughout your career. We want to help you get the backlog of digital projects done, while maintaining the current technical environment.
Whether that’s architectural decisions, design decisions, infrastructure or actual development. We can help. How? The two most common ways we help CIOs is either by “dealing” with the shiny new object or by helping their team learn more about the shiny new object…all while you keep the lights on and worry about preventing security breaches (see survey results above).

Make the call to Venado. You will be glad you did. 
Senior Solution Architect – Mobile/Digital

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